Mission Statement

Expand opportunities for immigrants who are current and future employees within Washington state government. Serve as a resource for all immigrants who are state employees to connect, share, and educate each other and Washington state agencies on the skills, expertise and cultural value of a diverse workforce.

Immigrant is defined as:

1.      Born in a foreign country, or

2.      Has a foreign born parent


The Washington Immigrant Network (WIN) was formed in 2017 as a business resource group for making state government an employer of choice.


WIN exists to support professional development of immigrant state employees through recognition, resource identification, and mentorship. WIN will recommend strategies to advance recruitment, retention, career progression and leadership development.

Educate state agencies on the experience, skills and knowledge of immigrants and the value of a diverse workforce. WIN will educate state agencies on challenges and opportunities faced by immigrant state employees and communities served by state government.


·         Retain and support immigrant state employees by providing a support structure, education, career progression and leadership development assistance.

·         Recruit immigrants to state service through outreach and educational activities.

·         Serve as a resource for Office of Financial Management State Human Resources and state agencies in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

WIN is governed by a set of By-Laws that outlines the group’s membership, operational processes, and scope of activities. WIN does not act as an alternative employment mechanism for addressing employee grievances and operates in alignment with all related bargaining agreements, rules, and laws.