Mission Statement


WIN membership is open to all current and former Washington State Employees

Expand opportunities for immigrants who are current and future employees within Washington state government. Serve as a resource for all immigrants who are state employees to connect, share, and educate each other and Washington state agencies on the skills, expertise and cultural value of a diverse workforce.

Immigrant is defined as:

  1. Born in a foreign country, or

  2. Has a foreign born parent

As a foreign born state employee and current HR director of a state agency, I look forward to WIN’s mentorship opportunities.”
— Claris Nnanabu, LCB

Who We Are

WIN formed in 2017 as a business resource group to:

  • Support the professional development of immigrant state employees.

  • Recommend strategies to advance recruitment, retention, career progression and leadership development.

  • Educate state agencies on the experience, skills and knowledge of immigrants and the value of a diverse workforce.

What We Do

  • Provide a support structure, educational resources and leadership assistance for immigrant state employees.

  • Encourage immigrants to consider the state as an employer of choice through interagency and external outreach activities.

  • Serve as a resource for the Office of Financial Management, State Human Resources division and state agencies in creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.


WIN leverages the depth and breadth of skills and experience of immigrant state employees for the common good.
— Carolina Sun-Widrow, ELUHO

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